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Light-Dark, Happy-Sad, Up-Down - these are some of the opposites we have to face in everyday life.
Yoga’s goal is to teach us equanimity in these opposing situations. It is not that we react, but “how” we react, that matters.


Yoga addresses balance between effort and ease. The three components of balance are alignment, strength and attention.
Yoga makes one realize that happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony. In balancing we will take a risk – risk the failure but ultimately find the focus.


Wellness is just not external – Its the feeling of well being that has to come from within.
The sense of well-being gives us utmost happiness and ability to accept things as they are. Yoga helps us by giving that sense of overall and complete well-being

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Private, one-one-one classes are held at the Home Studio.  Please send an email to to schedule a half hour trial class

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Beginner level class is more gentle;  individual attention is given based on the student’s unique needs. beginning to intermediate level class is designed to meet the student’s specific needs


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What are we about?

Take a deep breath – and enter our space; experience a tranquil moment, unwind from external stressors and get back in touch with that one thing that makes us alive – LOVE!! Love yourself, accept the way you are, and chart a path for a life that is not bogged down by aches and pains, stiff joints, scattered mind, and fatigued body.
At Sama-Tulaa Yoga, everyone is unique, and everyone is equal. We respect each body, with all its glory and all its limitations. We encourage you to accept yourself as you are at this point in time, and chart a path towards wellness. We will be with you every step of the way, sharing what we know with love, compassion, and respect.
Suma Mudan is the founder of Sama-Tulaa Yoga. She has been an on the mat and off for several years, before she finally dedicated herself to her passion – yoga for self healing. Back in the day, when she was a very sick person, yoga was the only one that helped her recover, and get rid of her dependence on pain killers. She had a successful tax law practice, but decided it’s time to dip into the wealth and wisdom of ancient seers, and share what she has to offer with anyone who is in need of such healing. Read More
At your first class with us, we will get acquainted with each other, to learn your specific situation and evaluate how we can modify the practice for you. To enable this, we need you to come in early the first time so you can fill out the registration form as well as talk to us about any concerns you may have. This extra time will ensure that we take the right steps towards your healing path.  Read More

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