Lex Gillan
Lex Gillan My Teacher
I enjoyed having Suma Mudan in my Yoga Teacher Training and National Certification Course. Suma is the real deal, being a practitioner of yoga for many decades. It is, indeed, a rare opportunity to study with someone that has been trained in yoga the way it has been passed down through the ages for the past 800 years. Carpe deum – seize the moment – and begin your practice today with Swamijee Suma!
Melody Van Kay
Melody Van Kay Yoga teacher 200 RYT
As a lifelong yogi, Suma Mudan is an experienced and well versed teacher. She is grounded in classic yoga in its’ purest form. Deepening my yoga through the tutelage of Suma has strengthened my yoga practice in the form and function of each posture. Thank you Suma for your love, support, and knowledge of the art of yoga.
Suzzanne Richards
Suzzanne RichardsYoga Teacher, RYT 200
Suma’ extensive training in classical Indian yoga, coupled with her teaching experience allow her to provide a unique experience for both the new and seasoned yogini. My sessions with Suma have given me an opportunity to practice Hatha yoga with a teacher adept in all aspects of yoga as it is truly meant to be – with equal emphasis on breathing, practice and mediation. I highly recommend her classes to anyone wishing to begin a yoga practice or the experienced yogini wanting to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga.

Dr. Revathi Ramaswamy
Dr. Revathi RamaswamyStudent
Suma was my first Yoga teacher and I have to thank her for getting me interested. Too bad I could not continue with her as we moved to different places. Suma is very patient with her students, modifies poses according to the ability of the student. She has a very calming voice while teaching. Other thing that really impressed me was ,that she considers yoga as not just physical exercise and it goes beyond that,more as a philosophy, as a tool for your mental, spiritual wellbeing. I wish her all the best in her new endeavor. Her students will be really benefited